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For moments of grace
accompanying light.

Introducing LUFU, the carefully crafted rental furniture series that invites
you to spend quality time enveloped in beauty and refinement.

Refined furniture

We present a lineup of the finest furniture combining
outstanding designs with functional beauty, with careful
craftsmanship shining through every aspect of each piece.

  • Elegant

    Like noble flowers
    blooming proudly,
    beautiful geometric
    patterns drawn by the light
    gracefully color the space.


We have brought together
a wealth of refined furniture and accessories
essential for creating an elegant space.

  • Pick up Item

    Introducing richly individual pieces
    that exude a definite presence and
    atmosphere in addition to their
    beautiful form.

Recommend Plan

We have prepared set recommendations and plans
where comfortable harmony leads to an ideal space.

Graceful Scene

Pieces carefully crafted to reflect hospitality
and create quality time exceeding the imagination.

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